Tips for Putting Heat Transfer Vinyl on Burlap
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Tips for Putting Heat Transfer Vinyl on Burlap

If youre wondering can you use heat transfer vinyl on burlap the answer is yes! Read on for how to put heat transfer vinyl on burlap so it sticks.

To make it easier to put heat transfer vinyl on burlap, you want to start with a design that has a good amount of surface area. Designs with small intricate details have less adhesive making it harder to using iron on vinyl on burlap.

Were using this funny Christmas stocking design from theFunny Christmas Bundle on So Fontsyto make a burlap Christmas Stocking, but you could also use the design in this bundle to make a burlap pillow cover or make a DIY wine bag. These make great holiday gifts and are fast an easy to make.

Mirror the design in Silhouette Studio, size it, and then cut the HTV or iron on vinyl with your Silhouette machine.

Heat up your heat press to 320 degrees and set the time for about 20 seconds. The trick to getting a good stick when you put heat transfer vinyl on burlap is to use a pressing pillow under the burlap to create even pressure.

Make sure youre using medium to heavy pressure. Any thick areas that you can hang off the side of the heat press, will help to avoid uneven pressure.

Just place the HTV onto the burlap. You really dont even need a telfon sheet.

For this holographic HTV you want to apply at 320 degrees for about 20 seconds and then cold peel.

If you have trouble with any of the HTV not sticking to burlap, you can re-press.

No more wondering can I put htv on burlap? the answer is a big YES and it opens up the possibilities to so many fall and winter burlap crafts like burlap pillow covers and DIY Wine bags!

Grab theFunny Christmas Bundlewhile its 91% and then head over to learn how to make a set ofDIY Wine Bags!

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